Highfield Level 2 Award in Front of Stage Pit Barrier Operations (RQF)

Who Is This Course For?

This course has been designed to help individuals that are interested in working as a Front Of Stage Pit Barrier. This course is designed to give the leaners the understanding, knowledge and skills required to perform this roll.

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How does it work?

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How Long Is the Course?

For this completion of this course, learners should expect to undertake a total qualification time (TQT) of 10 hours, and of this 8 hours is recommended as guided learning (GL).

Entry Requirements

The approved age for this qualification is 18+.

What You Will Learn

Topics covered within this qualification are the health and safety for individuals using the pit barrier system. Understanding the purpose of the front of stage pit barrier. The understanding the roles and responsibilities of colleagues, being able to recognise audience and performer activity and respond appropriately while working in the front of stage pit barrier.

How You Will Be Assessed

Learners will be assessed by open-response questions and a practical demonstration.

What Can You Do Next?

Once completing this course, you will be fully prepared to take the next step by working in Front OF Stage Pit Barrier Operations. The learner could also continue with further education with a higher level qualification or expand on what they have learnt and go into the security sector.

E-Learning Courses Are Included For FREE:

  • Manual Handling – Certified by and
  • Health and Safety Awareness – Certified by and
Course Level

Highfield Level 2

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