Highfield Level 3 Diploma in Team Leading and Supervision (RQF)

Who Is This Course For?

This course has been designed to help individuals that are already employed in team leader or supervisor roles in any industry. It covers the knowledge, skills and behaviours contained within this standard. Particularly against the requirements of assessment plan version AP02. This includes care team leaders and supervisors and retail roles. It has been devised to support the delivery of the Team Leader and Supervisor apprenticeship.

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How Long Is the Course?

For this completion of this course learners should expect to undertake between 400 hours of learning, of which 223 are guided learning hours.

Entry Requirements

The approved age for this qualification is 16 + it is also recommended that any learner should have at least a basic level of literacy and numeracy.

What You Will Learn

Topics covered within this qualification are the knowledge and skills needed to lead or supervise a team. Planning and monitoring workloads and resources, how to build relationships. Developing and supporting team members, project management, decision making and communication.

How You Will Be Assessed

Learners will be assessed thought out the duration of the qualification. This will be done through creating a portfolio. This portfolio will show evidence of the knowledge and skills gained from the course.

What Can You Do Next?

Once completing this course, the learner could progress with continued learning at a higher education level. These could be Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management, Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship, Qualifications in coaching and mentoring.

Course Level

Highfield Level 3

Course Type